Our office is proud to offer a variety of dental services to both children and adult patients. Below is some basic information on some of the procedures that we offer. If you are interested in any of these procedures, you may contact our office for more information or to schedule an appointment to discuss your individual situation and needs.

Cleanings and Examinations
In accordance with the American Dental Association recommendations for patient treatment, we encourage our patients to schedule their regular dental check-ups and cleanings every six months, unless more attention is required. Our examinations monitor periodontal and dental health while also screening our patients for oral cancers. Early detection is essential to the successful treatment of any dental condition.

Dental sealants are a very effective preventative measure offered by our profession. The application of a tooth-colored material to the pits and fissures of your teeth improves their natural contours making them more cleansable and therefore less susceptible to decay. This simple and painless procedure offers a patient dramatic protection against future cavities.

Periodontal Treatment
Periodontal disease (gum disease) affects 75% of the population. In advanced stages, gum surgery is often necessary to control it. In our office, we favor the use of the latest non-surgical periodontal treatments, medications, oral hygiene procedures, and devices. It is our goal to minimize or eliminate the need for periodontal surgery.

Composite fillings are becoming the standard in dentistry while silver/mercury (amalgam) fillings fade into the sunset.  For well over a decade, we have exclusively offered white composite fillings to our patients.  It was a Cosmetic Dentist’s dream come true to offer tooth colored fillings that were both durable and cost effective.  The chief advantage of composite fillings is their natural tooth color.  Your dentist can blend the composite to match virtually any tooth shade. The amount of tooth structure removed is far less with composite fillings.  Amalgams required that the cavity be undercut to hold the amalgam in place.  The composite filling adheres to the tooth, making a smaller depression possible. It is much more difficult for decay to get under a composite filling because of this adhesion.  With amalgam fillings, shrinkage often took place giving bacteria a pathway under the filling. Composite resins are environmentally safe and eliminate the possibility of mercury allergies, or having to dispose of mercury.

Crowns (Caps)
Crowns are used to restore badly broken or fractured teeth. They cover the whole tooth, adding strength and beauty to your smile. Crowns can be made of gold, porcelain, or of a precious metal with a porcelain covering.

The surgical placement of titanium implants replaces the missing root and gives us a structure to which a crown can be added. This procedure is more involved than other procedures, but the results are predictable with a 90-95% success rate and the next best thing to a natural tooth.

A bridge is a very effective alternative used to replace missing teeth when implants are not an option. It requires the placement of crowns on the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth with a prosthetic tooth connected to these crowns. The prosthetic tooth fills the empty space providing the look and feel of a natural tooth

In certain situations, dentures are the most effective way to replace missing teeth and decreased function.

Root Canal Therapy
A root canal is sometimes needed in order to save a tooth that would otherwise require extraction. This procedure is usually recommended when an infection exists inside a tooth. Once the infection is removed and the tooth is properly restored, a patient can expect continued function for years to come.

Oral Surgery
Our office is fully equipped to handle many oral surgery procedure including tooth extraction and minor tissue correction.

TMJ Disorders
TMJ (Tempromandibular Joint) Disorder is a general term referring to a number of problems associated with your complex jaw joint. Our office is committed to exhausting every non-surgical treatment option available before recommending this drastic measure.

If your teeth are stained, discolored, or just generally yellow, bleaching can give you a brighter smile in just a short time. We offer take-home whitening trays that you can wear daily or for immediate results we offer ZOOM whitening.

Nitrous Oxide
If fear and anxiety have prevented you from seeking the dental care you need, our office offers a safe and comfortable alternative through nitrous oxide sedation. It is administered through a nose hood before and during the procedure. You will be aware of the procedure that is taking place, but any anxiety you may have felt will be lifted away. Once the procedure is complete we will administer pure oxygen which immediately takes the effect of the gas away and you will feel back to your normal self within minutes. Because there are no side effects, patients can safely drive themselves home. Nitrous oxide sedation allows you to experience anxiety-free dentistry in a safe and relaxing environment.